Learn How To Increase your FarmingSkills

Practical Training

On Farm Vehicles and Activities

Looking for a way increase your chance of being chosen by a farmer? In the USA or SA? Even work on a USA farm?

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Why Training?

You've already realised it... Because there are "gaps" in your skillset..

  • Competence: Increase you competence by close gaps in your Skills and Knowledge

  • Confidence:


  • To become more confident in your ability

  • Serious:

  • “Position Yourself” by showing yourself, your agent, and the farmer that you are serious about the opportunity

How does it work?

It depends on your current level of skill

Path 1: Learn from scratch

New to farming, but know it is for you?

Put your toes in the water

  • Exposure: Come experience farm related activities for yourself for 1 week

  • Activities: Fencing, animals, drive small tractor, etc.

  • Decide: After this week you should have a better feeling if farming activities is what you expected and if you want to continue your farming journey

Ready to dive in deep

  • Long term: If after the week you know you want to continue then there options available to do it longer term

  • Gap year / Focus Year: Attend training that that will grow your knowledge and skills

  • Clarity: Gain clarity in what area your interest is. Planting, animals, farming

Path 2: Upskill

For those that have some experience

Farm Vehicles

  • On the Job: 5 Day training on an actual Working Farm

  • Detail: In depth experience on ONE vehicle for the whole week

  • Vehicles: Tractor, Combine Harvester and Self Propelled Sprayer (Combine and Sprayer is season dependent)

  • Theory: Online Theory course on the relevant farm vehicle

Left Hand Truck

  • LHT: Experience a Peterbilt, fuller, manual gearbox

  • CDL Preparation: Practise the parking you need to do for the CDL exam

  • Pre-checks: Practise the pre-checks needed as part of the CDL exam

  • Theory: TruckOnline Theory course

Next Steps

Find out more and provide us more info about your current skillset and experience and needs

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DISCLAIMER: We can't guarantee any work. Ultimately it is up to the farmer to choose. But our mission is to get you the best opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge to "Position Yourself" better and achieve your goals and dreams.